Plunging temperatures and shorter days can lead to cabin fever. Why not weather the rest of the season with some worthwhile winter renovations, like a finished basement?

Why Finish Your Basement this Winter?

Winter is actually an ideal time to take care of your home and improve your living space. There are plenty of winter renovations you could begin, but a finished basement often tops homeowner’s wish lists.


A Finished Basement = Increased ROI

Homeowners choose to finish their basements as part of their winter renovations for practical reasons and potential profit. Although the promise of most winter renovations is to create an improved living space for immediate enjoyment, there are also future ramifications worth considering, like ROI.

According to Home Advisor, a finished basement can increase a home’s ROI by up to 69%. Of course, the actual return will depend on the size of your basement and how you, ultimately, renovate the space. But, the potential to boost your return is considerable and worth exploring, particularly if you already intend to sell at some future point.

Reclaim Wasted Space

Practically speaking, a finished basement provides extra space that had previously been unused or only partially used, perhaps for storage. Rather than wasted space, finishing your basement allows you to make the most of your home by creating a game room, man cave, office, or even a guest room.

No matter how you envision your new basement space, a finished basement tops winter renovations wish lists because progress and completion are not weather dependent. Regardless of snow predictions, icy conditions or freezing rain, finishing a basement is a weather-proof winter renovation.

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