In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to celebrate the small spaces in your home that could be in need of a little TLC. You know the ones we’re talking about. Those spaces that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, so you do… nothing. But, with a little imagination and some strategic renovations, that undefined small space in your home could transform into your favorite room.

Read on to check out a small space project we just completed for a local realtor.

Small Spaces — The Fairy Tale Frogs

Perhaps more so than any other space in your home, it’s the undefined small spaces that pose the greatest potential for an impressive transformation. Like the frogs-turned-princes in fairy tales, the small space that’s gone unused or underutilized in your home is ready to reinvent itself. Instead of a magic kiss or enchanted potion, all you need is a little imagination…

Recently, one of our clients decided to transform a small, unused space in their two-family duplex, which had quickly gone from an empty room into a catch-all pseudo-storage space. Given its location — right off the kitchen (which had just been renovated), the space deserved a more formal designation, and the opportunity to be better utilized and enjoyed.

All it took was a few key updates

The Magic Ingredients to a Small Space Makeover

Unlike a full bathroom or kitchen renovation, remodeling a small space doesn’t require much in the way of materials or even labor.

In this particular case, the majority of the makeover depended on a pocket door, new paint, and crown molding. Replacing what had originally been a window, the pocket door became a stylish and functional entry between the two rooms — not to mention an attractive access point for additional sunlight.

Once the pocket door was installed, the room itself required updated flooring (we simply continued the same flooring from our kitchen renovation), along with fresh paint, which really popped after we added crown molding.

Now, what had been a catch-all off the kitchen is a proper room of its own. All our clients need to do now is decide how they’ll use it. So far, the options have included a breakfast nook, a bar with bistro table and chairs, and even an office or study.

As they’ve discovered, whenever you transform a small space in your home, the possibilities of what it might become are endless.

Do you have a small space that could use a little love? Contact our team today and let us schedule a time for your free estimate… and the chance to create your future favorite room.