Many people these days are looking into utilizing all of their space. Whether that means using built ins, building extra storage into the walls, or otherwise, a big space-utilizer is building a “basement getaway”, or finishing a basement. Many homeowners have lots of space in their basement and want to utilize that space for entertaining, work, pets, or kids. We love it when homeowners ask us to help them finish up their basement and really put that extra space to work for them!

Why build in the basement?

Basement getaways are perfect because they’re a level away from the rest of the house, making it a perfect quiet spot to watch movies or get some work done. The basement is also a part of the house that’s often only used for storage, so making it a living (or working!) space can add value and enjoyment to your home.

When building in your basement, there are a few things to consider that may make your basement not the ideal spot for a basement getaway. Consider these items that may cause more headache than you think:

  • Does your basement flood, get moist, or tend to be moldy?
  • Are the appliances in your basement extremely noisy?
  • Do you have to access your basement from the outside rather than in the house?

These are not insurmountable odds, but they can cause some issues with your finished basement if your contractor is not aware of them. Make sure if you are using a contractor to mention these points to them so they can assist with a seamless build!

The Perfect Basement Getaway

Now, what you’ve been waiting for! Let’s look at some of our favorite basement builds and getaways to help you get the creative juices flowing.

The Movie Theater

Consider changing your basement into a luxury movie theater! The basement is a perfect spot for entertaining guests and binge watching Netflix. All you have to do is bring the snacks down from upstairs! Use a large screen 4k TV or even a projector to ensure you’re getting all the detail of your film as well as the look and feel of a movie theater. Best yet — there’s no late arrivals or previews!

We love this idea of integrating a bar or an eating space. What a fantastic finished basement idea!

The Bar & Brewery

Many people dream of having a fully functional and fun bar in their basement. If you’re a craft brewer, you might even consider throwing kegs and taps into your basement. That way, you can invite all of your friends over to try your latest beer! 

You can even install some kitchen elements so you can serve coffee and tea as well. We love the idea of hanging out with friends and family in the basement. Imagine this space while hosting a holiday get together!

The Kid’s Play Area

If you have children, a great way to keep all their toys and games in one place is to convert your finished basement space into a kid’s area. Install soft carpeting for when slips and falls happen, but don’t skimp on color! Include fun things that wouldn’t regularly fit in your child’s room like a car/roadway carpet for matchbox cars, a playhouse, a tent, or other fun activities.

The best part about this space is that you can change it as they age. As they get older, you can convert the space into a “hangout” spot, then later into the adult finished basement of your dreams. Having the base flooring and walls down is great to set you up for later improvements.

Mix and Match!

Don’t forget, you can section off areas of your basement just like any floor of your home when you finish it. If you have a particularly large basement, you can have a little bit of everything — a playroom, an office, a bar, a movie theater. You can even put the pool table you always wanted down there.

If you’re looking for the perfect contractor to help you with your finished basement getaway, Luce Contracting can help! We’ll work with you to dream up your new space and make it a reality. Contact us today!