Just in case the holidays weren’t hectic enough, you’ve found yourself in the middle of a remodel. Enhancing your home is exciting and maybe even a gift to yourself and family this season, but the process of a remodel can be challenging if you’re not prepared. 

Here, we offer a few tips for surviving your remodel during the holidays to help keep the peace on Earth and good will towards all. 

You’re Remodeling Your Space, Not Your Schedule 

When it comes to a remodel at any time of year, you want to keep in mind that your schedule still needs to run on time, according to your routine. The busy holidays can complicate anyone’s schedule, but the following will help you ensure that your household continues to run smoothly. 

Depending on the extent of the remodel, you might want to consider staying elsewhere. Can you impose on a relative who lives near enough to your home that you can easily check in on the renovation while you’re away? If not, will your budget allow for an extended stay at a local motel or hotel? 

If you’re determined to rough it during the renovation by staying put, don’t fret. It’s doable provided you plan ahead. 

Allow Yourself Access to the Essentials 

Stuck at home during your remodel? Still trying to plan for the holidays and stay in the festive spirit? Think about what you need to get through your day. Let’s say you’re renovating your kitchen. 

You’re still going to want access to coffee or tea in the morning without running out to the nearest Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Move the coffee pot or electric kettle (purchase one if you’ve been relying on an old-school whistling kettle) to a space where you can still access it, like the dining room.

Set up all the accoutrements you would want to go along with your beverage of choice so that this little creature comfort (some might consider it a critical need) doesn’t get sacrificed in the wake of your remodel. 

The same goes for other kitchen appliances you use daily like your microwave and, if possible, your refrigerator. You’ll likely have to move these items out anyway, so it’s best to relocate them to a spot where you can still use them. 

Find out when, how often or for how long the water might be turned off and purchase gallon jugs or bottled water accordingly. 

Cleanliness Inspires Clarity

We completely agree with Picasso’s claim that “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” However, you needn’t live among the rubble and ruin during your remodel.

Keep clutter to a minimum and collaborate with your contractor to determine where trash and recycling receptacles should go. If any rooms will be off-limits, make sure they are sealed off with tarps and keep floors protected from building materials, dust, and foot traffic. 

Assess the Air Quality

Another aspect of a home remodel that you’ll want to discuss with your contractor ahead of time is when any strong-smelling products like paints or glues/adhesives will be applied.

This should give you ample time to either ventilate the house or plan your retreat elsewhere for the day (or however long your contractor advises). 

Safeguard Your Stuff

Defend your belongings — especially electronics — from dust damage. Dust is practically inevitable, no matter how well-contained or sealed off work areas are. The same goes for furniture, especially expensive upholstery, which is best left carefully covered during the remodel. 

Communication is Key 

Talk to your contractor. Be aware of the project deadlines and benchmarks by which certain things should be accomplished, especially if it involves you making a payment for or providing materials by a particular date.

Communication breakdowns can delay a remodel unnecessarily and even cause you to incur more costs in the long run. 

When you’re ready to talk about your remodel during the holidays, contact Luce Contracting and we’ll put your plan in place.