The Luce Contracting crew thought a quick post might help those of you who are stuck at home manage the stress of social distancing, whether that means combating boredom or coming up with activities to keep you (and even your kids!) busy. 

Let’s start with spring cleaning…

Cleaning in Celebration of Spring

Since spring officially arrived right as the coronavirus sent everyone into quarantine mode, here are some spring cleaning suggestions to help ready your home for a renovation or just for the sake of your sanity.

The internet is rich with lists and top spring cleaning tasks, but we’ve decided to focus only on those you can do inside your home and without needing to run out for additional supplies. 

Here are four spring cleaning tasks that make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

A Recipe for a Clean Kitchen

Even if you keep an immaculate kitchen, it’s probably been sometime since you’ve cleaned your appliances. The inside of refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers are easy to overlook but when you do take a peek you might be horrified by what you see. 

Take the time to clean out the fridge and toss any old or expired food items, including old condiments and anything growing hair in the back of a crisper drawer.

In fact, pulling out crisper drawers and giving them a thorough washing with hot, soapy water is a great idea. The same goes for the shelves, which should pull out easily and can be washed or sprayed with a cleaning solution and then thoroughly wiped dry. 

Spend some time cleaning both the oven and stove top (self-cleaning or not, you need to mop up big spills and remove any collected crumbs, old pasta noodles, anything that might still be sticking to the coils or racks). 

The same goes for your dishwasher. Take care to clean the racks and also the basket used to hold utensils and smaller dishware.

The bottom of that basket is notorious for catching bits of food debris that can cause both odors and bacteria buildup. Once emptied and cleaned, run a hot water cycle as a final sweep for any lingering nasties. 

Make sure that your microwave gets the same treatment. Eliminate stains on the walls, door and interior plate, which should help take care of any lingering food odors.

Pro tip: Loosen up the grime beforehand by heating a cup of water inside the microwave for about three minutes. Add baking soda or lemon juice to the water to eliminate smells.

Heads Up!

As you enter each room of your home make sure to look up in the corners and even on the ceilings themselves for old cobwebs or accumulations of dust.

Ceiling fans are often overlooked, especially if they are left running constantly. Once turned off, a quick inspection might show that each blade is absolutely covered in a thick layer of dust. 

This is not only unsanitary but can also wreak havoc on those already struggling with seasonal allergies. Run a cotton cloth (we love used t-shirts or onesies) over each blade to thoroughly remove all traces of dust and ensure that your ceiling fan circulates air only.

The Low Down

Once you’ve inspected all the above eye-level areas of your home, get low to check not just your floors but baseboards. You’ll be surprised by how much dust can cling to the sides of a baseboard, and could even find some scuff marks or stains from spills that were never cleaned from the floor as thoroughly as you thought. 

If, after cleaning your floors and baseboards, you’re still not satisfied with the result, check your basement, garage or shed to see if you have any matching paint.

A quick coat of paint to touch up the baseboards and even the trim around doorways instantly highlights and brightens the perimeter of any room. Plus, that fresh paint smell will make you feel like you’ve done a little home makeover. 

Let the Sun Shine!

Cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows not only allows more light to shine through, but also makes an entire room look cleaner right away.

When washing your windows, pay close attention to the tracks and sills where you might find dried up insect carcasses, small webs, and an accumulation of dust or pollen. 

Again, there are dozens upon dozens of DIY spring cleaning tasks that you could tackle during this season of social distancing. But these four are impactful, easy and do not require that you venture out for supplies of any kind. 

Our crew is looking forward to meeting new customers and assisting with your home renovation plans sooner than later.

Until then, we invite you to contact us to discuss the details of your next project via email, text or phone call. We would be delighted to add your project to our calendar and get started as soon as the coast is clear. 

In the meantime, everyone stay put and stay safe… and get started on your spring cleaning!