Even though spring is not quite the celebratory season we normally experience, thanks to Covid-19 and the resulting social distancing, there is a way you can still enjoy the warmer weather. You might even host at a socially responsible distance. Simply let us build a pergola on your property. 

Check out the top reasons our clients request estimates for new pergolas. As we continue to wait out this pandemic, this might be the perfect solution to keeping your sanity, staying off screens, and centering yourself against the Covid-19 chaos. 

Why Build a Pergola on Your Property

You can probably think of plenty of reasons why a pergola might enhance your property and provide a little escape. This is especially true while actual getaways and travel continue to be on hold for the immediate future. 

These are the factors that have inspired most of our clients to request a pergola, both pre-Covid and certainly in the wake of this disaster. 

Build Some Extra Exterior Privacy

Whether for business or pleasure, the space afforded by a pergola provides you with some extra privacy when you want to enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Depending on the design, you can position your pergola in such a way as to stay out of sight. This makes working from home, reading for pleasure, or taking a call feel like you’re off the grid, away from the hustle and bustle of your neighborhood or subdivision. 

Perfect Excuse for More Plants

Wisteria on an arbor in a sunny garden

Most of us with green thumbs don’t need an excuse to buy more plants, but a pergola certainly gives you one. The amount of plant life you want to nurture in and around your pergola is up to you. Potted plants are popular and easy to maintain.

For a stunning look, opt for climbing plants that will eventually take over the structure, adding more privacy and a whimsical feel. 

Pro-tip: Pick and choose plants that naturally repel mosquitoes like basil, lavender or lemon balm. 

Material Possibilities are Practically Endless

Beautiful House Patio Cover Against the Blue Sky.

When it comes to choosing the materials for your pergola, you really have plenty of options. Consider various types of natural wood like cedar, pine, oak, and teak, to pressure-treated woods, and even vinyl.

You can choose based on durability and overall aesthetic by considering how the material will look against your home. Go for a close match for a conservative, understated presentation. Or, make a bolder statement with something that provides more of an accent.

Host in Style

Perfect pergola for hosting

Inviting friends — even now, provided you have enough space to seat everyone a minimum of six feet apart — is perfect under a pergola. Choose patio furniture that compliments your pergola design and dress up the area with decorative cushions, candles, and festive glassware.

Throw a themed party or just show off your good taste with the perfect table cloth and place settings. Whatever your personal aesthetic, you can show it off beneath your pergola. 

Celebrate the Seasons

Big pergola with rustic chairs and bench open to beautiful small pond with little waterfall

Okay, so a pergola doesn’t offer much during New England’s typically challenging winter season. However, the fall, spring, and summer more than makes up for those colder months.

On hot summer days, the pergola can afford some much needed shade and cooler fall evenings can still be enjoyed with an extra layer or two, along with a hot beverage.

In other words, you can extend the amount of time you spend outdoors before winter takes the option off the table. Just equip your pergola with whatever you need to enhance your comfort.

Keep a basket of blankets or throws at the ready during the fall, and make sure the sunblock and citronella candles are within reach during the spring and summer. 

If you think a pergola is what your property is missing, contact our team. Let us work with you on the design so that we can build a perfect pergola for your ultimate enjoyment