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Busy schedules make it tough to keep up with honey-do lists or the litany of pesky tasks that seem to plague most homeowners. Whether it’s a lack of time, inclination or ability, your list of needed home repairs is likely growing.

Hammer leaning against a wallWhile these small tasks might not seem like a big deal, failing to cross them off your list can actually cost you money in the long run. Drafty windows aren’t doing much to help your heating bill, just as leaky shower heads or faucets are only adding to the cost of your water bill. Taking care of these quick repairs enhances the overall function and effectiveness of your home’s critical systems.

Safety is another important consideration when it comes to home repairs. Wobbly handrails, whether attached to your interior staircase or exterior entranceway, can be a hazard. The same goes for cracked or uneven steps. Weak or loose windows and rusted bulkheads also compromise the security of your home — both from pest infestations and other, more serious unwanted guests, like intruders.

How About a Home Enhancement?
Once your home repairs are handled, you might want to consider a few home enhancements.

Take another look at your home repair list and you could discover one or two of these waiting for your attention. Rather than fix an issue, home enhancements simply increase the aesthetics of your home.

Enhancements might be as simple as switching out old or worn electric outlet or switch plate covers with more decorative versions to complement a new paint job. Replacing old doors, both within and to the entrance of your home takes safety and style up a notch. New trim, complete with updated crown molding elevates the polish of a room for an unmistakable finish.

Share your list with Luce Contracting and let our team make every effort to fix and finesse the details of your dwelling. Contact us today!

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