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Renovations are an excellent way to make your current residence closer to your personal vision of what a “dream home” looks like. Even the most updated, move-in ready new constructions sometimes leave details to be desired once you’ve settled in and experienced the layout on a daily basis.

Of course, if you’ve purchased a fixer-upper, you probably already have a full renovation project in mind; something designed to recreate your home from the studs up. However, even a partial remodel, focused on a single room, can make a world of difference to the overall feel and aesthetic of your home.

Kitchen RenovationKitchen renovations generally top the bill when it comes to the most popular renovation projects and for good reason. Has anyone ever failed to remark how people always congregate in the kitchen… whether you want them to or not? Cramped quarters can make for challenging meals and harried holidays. Expanding your kitchen by knocking out a wall or extending an entryway can give you and your guests the extra elbow room you need.

But, bathroom renovations aren’t far behind kitchen renovations when it comes to popularity and practicality. Whether it’s a bigger shower, the installation of a luxurious soaking tub, new tile or an updated vanity, your bathroom can be transformed into a spa-like sanctuary.

Larger closets can add a little harmony to the master bedroom, just as a finished basement can give parents either a place to hide from or send their kids to when everyone needs a little peace and quiet. Speaking of kids, as your children grow and age out of their nursery, simple renovations like the creation of built-in bookcases can help set them up and support their success through school.

Every renovation is an opportunity to better appreciate your personal living space, while also increasing the potential ROI on your home, should you choose to sell it in the future. Contact us today!

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