Emergency Services

Trust the expert team at Luce Contracting to provide the emergency services you need when faced with the unexpected. Although these issues usually occur without warning, they do require immediate attention for your household or business to continue functioning without further interruption.

Exterior Services

Although certain seasons are better than others for exterior work on your home or business, the Luce Contracting team recognizes that the current COVID-19 pandemic is causing many people to feel hesitant about embarking on interior projects. In that case, focus on the outside of your property and trust our exterior services to support your structure during this time.

Virtual Services

As COVID-19 continues to cause widespread uncertainty, we’re inviting our customers who are not comfortable starting residential or commercial projects to contact us for virtual services. Take advantage of the opportunity to start your project virtually by booking a phone or Zoom meeting so we can put a plan in place to break ground as soon as the coast is clear.


Are you in need of more space to accommodate your growing family? Or do you just want to expand your square footage and increase the value of your home?


Maybe your move-in ready home wasn’t exactly built to your ideal specifications. Taking down a wall, replacing tile, or expanding a narrow shower can really make a difference to your entire residence.

Home Repairs

That drafty window, leaking sink or shower, broken door or cracked window won’t fix itself. Let us take care of these issues and aesthetic eyesores, along with any other home repairs on your to-do list.

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